Event Safety Summit - group photo of attendees

4 Takeaways from the 2019 Event Safety Summit

In an industry that is known for its long hours and challenging work, we are deeply committed to the health and safety of our employees. We are members in good standing of the Event Safety Alliance (ESA).

This November, some of our employees travelled to Lititz, Pennsylvania to take part in the 2019 Event Safety Summit, here are their key takeaways.

1. Low Hanging Fruit Matters

When it comes to health and safety, low hanging fruit and all the little changes that can (and should) be made oftentimes result in a larger impact. We know from experience that many times, accidents are the culmination of lots of smaller errors rather than giant gaps in policies and procedures. Consider the “perfect storm” analogy (a rare combination of circumstances drastically aggravates the event) and make time to ensure you’re taking care of the daily maintenance.

2. Compliance Isn’t Enough

Meeting bare minimum requirements should never be the goal. In our dynamic industry, flexibility is key. The overarching requirement of “duty of care” can often require improvements on minimum standards. As with all things, strive to be better than the minimum.

panelists on stage at Event Safety Summit

3. Be Skeptical

Our industry invites people to experience live entertainment and they trust us with their safety. We need to continue to be mindful of this. It is always important to enjoy what we do, however, we must remain aware and ready, as we are a key part of the team responsible for the safety of our patrons and our peers.

4.“Because that’s the way it’s always been”

If you catch yourself answering a question with the above, take a moment and reset yourself! Dive into the why. We owe it to ourselves and the journey to always be innovative, inquisitive, mindful and reflective.

To remain leaders, game-changers and advocates, it is critical that we continue to take part in industry-wide health and safety initiatives.

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