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Audience Free Events: Why You Should Work With an Audio Visual Partner

The event industry was flipped on its head overnight and it may take a while before we see the industry rebalance. In this unique environment caused by the pandemic, we are having to rethink our work and meeting environments. Paused are the days of in-person meetings and conferences and instead, we must focus on creative ways to meet and resume business virtually.

We are all familiar with collaboration tools such as Meet, Teams, BlueJeans, WebEx and Zoom. And while their feature sets differ slightly from platform to platform, the general premise is the same – they provide a collaborative (two way), audio and video environment. With the more frequent use of these DIY systems, the expectation of production quality is low, and it is a regular occurrence to see our colleagues fumbling with audio and video mute buttons or screen shares. These tools could work for a weekly meeting with colleagues, but optics still matter, and without the ability to meet in-person, one may say optics matter now more than ever.

What happens if you need a more professional solution? How do you ensure the caliber of your presentation is a reflection on your business? How do you ensure your meeting does not impact investor confidence? Can your business be influenced by the success or failure of the broadcast?

The solution is a managed service. An end-to-end, audience free broadcast combines the collaboration of a video conference with the professionalism and security of a web broadcast.

Here are some reasons why your organization should work with an audio visual partner to execute your audience free events.

Remote Presenters

Bring your presenters together virtually using a video conference tool. They can deliver their remarks in the comfort and safety of their own home or office. We will connect their audio and video signals through a video conference application.

audience-free events bespoke audio visual


We are platform agnostic, we can work with your individual security environment to deploy the platform that is most acceptable. Presenters can meet in advance of the broadcast in a ‘green room’ where they can talk openly and prepare their remarks just as they would at a live event without the fear of an attendee dropping in on the conversation.

Network Operations Centre

In our remote Network Operations Centre (NOC), we add the elements that distinguish a web meeting from a broadcast. Elements such as graphics, names and titles, logos, slide and video content. We control all of the camera and graphic switching and our producers and technicians stage-manage the flow of the event so that your presenters can focus on the content without having to fumble with shared screens or control of slide and video transitions.

audience-free events bespoke audio visual

Multi-Device Broadcast

Once the meeting is mixed and branded, it can be broadcast out over the internet. Using a secure webcasting platform, we deliver the broadcast to your attendees on any device. Viewers access the platform through the internet so there is no need to download an application or add anything to a device. Simply click the link, register and access the broadcast and you can rest assured that the information you’re sending is secure.

If the orchestration of your audience free event is important to you, our team can help you stage-manage your event. We work with you in advance to plan and design the flow, the graphics, the layout and the delivery so that when it’s time to broadcast there are no questions. In a world where there no ‘do-overs’, planning and experienced execution can make the difference between a success and a failure.

We look forward to working with you on your audience free event! Contact us at [email protected] to learn how to get started.