Your Audio Visual Checklist

As we step into the new year, it’s time to start thinking about your upcoming events and how you will make them bigger and better than ever.

Here some important elements for any event.

A Beautiful Stage

A beautiful stage will make your event memorable and set you apart from the competition (not to mention look good in photos). Lighting, screen size and the placement of your podium and seating are all elements of great stage design.


Wifi is an important ingredient for any successful event. It allows your audience to stay in touch with work, connect with other event attendees and share your event on their social channels (don’t forget to promote a hashtag).


Webcasting your event is a beneficial solution to reach a larger audience especially if there are people that can’t make it in person. Webcasting allows your audience to watch the event in realtime or stream it at a later date.

The Right Audio Visual Team

It’s important to work with an experienced audio visual team that is able to bring your event to life from concept to reality. At Bespoke Audio Visual, our team has 100s of years of combined experience. We are proud of our ability to create custom events based on our clients’ needs.

Contact us to learn how Bespoke Audio Visual can help bring your next event to life.