Audio Visual Tips for Sustainable Events

A sustainable event is one with a balanced approach to economic activity, environmental responsibility and social progress. The event industry is continually looking for new and creative ways to enhance their events while reducing their carbon footprint. The audio visual component is not immune and should ensure planners are aware of solutions available to them to help their events be more sustainable. Audio visual encompasses sound, lighting and staging for events or meetings.

How can sustainability be applied to the audio visual portion of your event? Here are some specific ways to help plan events to reduce your carbon footprint with your audio visual component.

Energy-Efficient Technology

Event technology devices tend to consume a lot of energy, especially when it comes to interactive displays. That’s why the industry as a whole is turning to event technology with energy-efficient components. For example, LED lighting is becoming the norm, as is the use of daylight instead of artificial light to brighten a venue. Many planners prefer Energy Star/Energy Efficient products, especially when it comes to sound and stage equipment. This will help cut back on power requirements, reducing the overall power consumption of an event. In addition, event crews and venues are turning to lowering lighting levels during an event’s setup and tear-down phases to help reduce the draw on energy.

LED Lighting

By far the most energy-efficient, cleanest and most eco-friendly way of illumination is LED lighting. In addition to the environmental benefits, LED or digital light is an incredibly versatile way to lend a variety of different looks, moods and atmospheric elements to any event. Think of your brand’s colours. This is an easy way to enhance your event, with a low energy draw.

Set & Stage Design

Custom stage and set design can be costly and material-intensive. Check with your supplier to see if there are elements in stock that can be repurposed for your use. With simple lighting changes a set piece can have a whole new look/feel.

“Same stage, different look”


Another great way to enhance your main stage area is through projection mapping. Projection mapping uses energy-efficient technology (projectors) to turn objects, walls, floors, often irregularly shaped, into a display surface for video projection. In addition to the environmental benefits, projection mapping and video projection can instantly transform a room and reflect changes in programming or presentation.

Webcast/Live Streaming

Take your meetings online. Live streaming is a great way to incorporate sustainability during an event. Your carbon footprint is greatly reduced when you allow your attendees to watch the event online or on a projector at a remote location (watch party). By keeping the in-person guest list down, organizers can opt for a smaller venue, which will help reduce the event’s overall carbon footprint. Live streaming is a prime place for digital advertising, reducing paper and providing an additional source of revenue.

Mobile Event Apps

Attendees are familiar with their mobile device, so why not give them a way to find all event information in one place, through an event app? Allow attendees to download the conference guide and info through the mobile event app customized for your event. In addition to helping eliminate paper consumption and waste, apps can be easily updated and integrated with social media platforms.

Digital Signage/Banners

Digital banners are more versatile than a traditional printed banner. A digital backdrop not only saves on paper and printing costs — it allows event organizers to create an impressive visual display that will captivate their guests, tying all aspects of the event brand together.

Don’t forget to incorporate your digital look into any set design or main stage area. LED screens (video walls) in the main room can make a huge impact, both in look and energy draw, that can easily be carried out to additional (breakout) rooms.

Digital signs/banner are an ideal location for sponsorship loops, corporate branding or animated content. Reduce paper usage even more by opting to replace signage with energy-efficient LED screens. Digital screens can be easily updated to provide guests with up-to-the-minute information and changes to programming, if necessary.

At Bespoke Audio Visual we consistently monitor how we do business and look for steps, however small they may seem, to reduce our carbon footprint. Contact us to see how we can support you with sustainable event solutions.