How Bespoke Audio Visual is Supporting Employee Mental Health

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Six months ago, Bespoke Audio Visual introduced Not Myself Today, a program developed to help companies build mentally healthy workplaces. In the audio visual industry, we often work long hours – sometimes late into the night. We understand the importance of a healthy work-life balance and want our employees to love what they do but not burn themselves out in the process. Personal life circumstances can contribute to feelings of sadness. This is why it is important for us to equip our employees with educational tools to aid when they need it. We aim to build a workplace where our employees know they have a safe place to talk about their feelings.

Bespoke Audio Visual Acquires AV Projects

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In this live-laser-coaching session, Lara McCullough, coached me through some of my branding and marketing challenges. Using the same methodologies she has employed with many of the world’s most well-known brands, she was able to tailor her time and walk me through understanding and next steps.

Merger: TPA and Bespoke

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Introducing Bespoke Audio Visual: Two great Canadian Companies merging to change the audio visual landscape in Canada. The Production Agency and Bespoke Events are pleased to announce their official amalgamation creating Bespoke Audio Visual.

The Etymology of Bespoke

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When we started building Bespoke we knew we were going to be different from our industry counterparts. Our service offering would always revolve around the client and what they were looking for. We would look at each event from a new point of view and never replicate because of ease. Every event would be custom just like each customers needs.