How to Get Into AV as a Young Professional

The audio visual industry is exciting and always changing. It’s a great place for both new and seasoned professionals to be. Here are some tips for how to get into AV as a young professional.


We can’t recommend volunteering enough! Learning from others who have more experience than you will only make you better at your job. You may also want to consider volunteering for an organization that requires audio visual help to add to your portfolio, build your confidence and gain experience within the industry.

Find a Mentor

A mentor will be able to give you advice and help you navigate your new career. They can expand your network, provide advice for how to grow and hold you accountable for continued success. Plan to meet once a month or quarterly and set goals to accomplish before each meeting.

Join an Industry Association

Joining an industry association is a great way to meet new people within the audio visual world. Here are some associations we are involved with and highly recommend.

AVIXA: Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association

AVIXA members create integrated AV experiences that deliver outcomes for end users. They are a hub for professional collaboration, information, and community, and is the leading resource for AV standards, certification, training, market intelligence, and thought leadership.

CanSPEP: Canadian Society of Professional Event Planners

CanSPEP is a dynamic, diverse and innovative society of Independent Event Professionals with a leading national voice in the event industry and is the only association in Canada that offers an exclusive membership to independent event planner entrepreneurs. Formed in 1996, the association provides forums in which members exchange ideas, develop skills through educational programs and create public awareness around the profession of event planners.

ILEA: International Live Events Association

ILEA Canada provides a forum for creative events professionals in all disciplines across the country to foster creativity, find inspiration, promote teamwork and communication, learn and share best practices, and perhaps most importantly, develop powerful lasting relationships with other event industry leaders from around the world.

MPI: Meeting Professionals International

MPI is the association for people who bring people together. They understand that when people meet face-to-face, it empowers them to stand shoulder-to-shoulder. That’s why they lead the world in professional development that advances the meeting and event industry—and the careers of the people in it. They connect the connectors so they can produce experiences that inspire, educate and energize.

PCMA: Professional Convention Management Association

PCMA is the world’s largest, most respected and most recognized network of business events strategists. The association has 7,000 members and an audience of 50,000 across North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. With 17 chapters and activities in 30 countries, they are the global leader in business events.

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