Bespoke AV - studio with two presenters

How to Host an Audience Free Event

As low attendance or audience-free events become reality, we understand that people still need to engage, to collaborate and to communicate. This is a difficult time, and you may have questions about how to move forward with your most important meetings and events.

Here are some suggestions.

Studio @Bespoke

  • Fully branded studio environment with video graphic backdrop
  • Anchor desk, lectern, panel seating or fireside chat options
  • Multi-camera setup
  • Segregated from the public sanitized environment
  • Social contact limited to one Bespoke producer
  • Event Types: any event that requires a professional studio look with corporate branding


  • Up to 100 presenters and 3,000 audience members
  • Video and audio discussion between presenters and audience
  • Discussion managedby our virtual event producer
  • We manage your virtual platform or we provide the technology
  • “In-app” environment
  • Event Types: Team Collaboration, Board of Director meetings, VirtualTeam Building


  • Corporate branded web environment
  • Up to 7 remote presenters
  • “One to many” communication
  • High end video quality
  • Synchronized slides/video content
  • Additional graphic abilities: rotating banners, titles, picture-in-picture, backgrounnd graphics
  • Event Types: AGM, Sales Kickoff, All Company Address, Shareholder Updates

Mobile Studio

  • Studio @Bespoke in your private facility
  • Private residence, corporate boardroom or any other clean environment
  • Rigid sanitation protocols

Additional Options

  • Registration and password access
  • Polling
  • Secure voting
  • Live captioning
  • Simultaneous interpretation
  • Pay-per-view

Although there may not be a live audience, there is still a way to communicate your message, hold your AGM, collaborate with your team or engage your employees. We are here to support you and help lead you through your audience-free event.

Bespoke AV - Audience-free events
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If any of these ideas sound interesting to you or you just want to talk about other options to deal with COVID-19 and your live event please email [email protected].