Movie Nights in the Park

Bespoke Audio Visual on October 20, 2014

As the summer wraps up and we head into the fall planning season you’re probably starting to plan activities for next summer. Consider movie nights in the park. Movie nights can be an excellent way to engage your community in a fun, interactive and memorable event. We have staged dozens of movie nights across Toronto and they’re really fantastic events. With plenty of time to plan throughout the fall/winter a movie night can be a truly special community event. They can be used as the impetuous for a community festival or they can dovetail in with an existing community event, the key is to plan far enough ahead.

Often staged in local parks or community gathering areas we setup a huge HD projection screen with a sound system so that the movie can be seen and heard throughout the area. Families and friends are encouraged to come together and enjoy the event. Because of the choices made with our technology, the entire movie night can be run off one household electrical outs let which avoids the use of costly and bothersome electrical generators or the need for additional power because most community areas have access to one electrical outlet. Bespoke can assist with the movie licensing or we can direct you to the vendors and you can make the arrangements yourself.

Movie Nights in the Park

Consider getting in touch with your neighbourhood association, Friends of the Park association or your city councilor. These are all groups that may have an interest or experience in staging a movie night in your community.

Or, contact Bespoke because we can help!

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