Project Description

Case Study:
The Banff Forum XIX

Name of client: The Banff Forum
Type of event: Conference


The Banff Forum’s objective is to advance education across the country through events that bring together young and emerging leaders of Canada across all sectors to enhance their leadership skills and contribution to Canada.


The event, Banff Forum XIX, was previously a two-day in-person conference with full day programming; however, they were looking to pivot their entire program digitally this year. The client needed an easy to use platform that could support the live broadcast, allow for audience engagement, and enable their 150 attendees to network with each other, as well as a detailed production team to manage all aspects and ensure the event was a success.


Working closely with the client, the Bespoke team integrated, built, and produced the event within PheedLoop, communicating with PheedLoop at every step of the journey to ensure the client could achieve their goal. Though virtual speaker coaching, and technical support, we ensured everyone was comfortable in the virtual event space.

When it came to execution, the Bespoke team was able to troubleshoot and monitor all aspects of the event feed to ensure it was a successful event that felt well produced through an in depth understanding of what the event was, who the audience were, and how the client wanted attendees to interact. This resulted in a huge difference in the attendee experience ranking an 80% satisfaction score.


“After months of Zoom calls it was important for us to invite people into a virtual experience that had a higher production value, and unfolded seamlessly. The production team at Bespoke met with our speakers in advance of each event to guide them through the process and help manage their setup. From the both the speaker’s perspective and the audience’s, the event felt more like a live broadcast than a standard Zoom call with its attendant technical issues. The end product was a smooth, well executed event, which allowed the focus to be on the content and not issues with its delivery. Working with the Bespoke team was a huge comfort for us as we made a pivot for the first time to a virtual setting for our annual conference.”
-Roxanne Duncan, Executive Director, The Banff Forum