The Etymology of Bespoke

When we started building Bespoke we knew we were going to be different from our industry counterparts. Our service offering would always revolve around the client and what they were looking for. We would look at each event from a new point of view and never replicate because of ease. Every event would be custom just like each customers needs. But what could we name our new company that would encompass that? One late night of planning and it came to us.

Bespoke used to refer to custom clothing; a tailored suit was ‘bespoke’. In modern language, it is used to describe many items that are custom, custom-made or made to order, as distinguished from ready-made. That idea resonated with us just perfectly.

We have always believed that the sooner we are engaged in the event process the more effective we are able to be as problem solvers. Even if we’re providing a simple technical setup it is still beneficial to have us engaged from the outset. We wanted our customers to see us a resource instead of a supplier and bespoke captured that sentiment entirely.