Tips for Choosing the Right TV Screen Size for Your Next Event

Choosing the right TV screen size for your event can be a tricky thing. Not everyone can picture what a 47” television looks like compared to a 60” television. Then there is the space the event will be held to consider. A 60” television in a small room can feel like an 80” and might dominate the event space. Whereas a 60” television in a larger room might feel like it’s the size of an iPad.

Here is our guide for picking the right screen for your event.

47″ Screen

  • Great for board room presentations
  • Perfect option for a comfort monitor for larger presentations
  • Ideal for events with 10-25 people

60″ Screen

  • Great for smaller events and overflow rooms
  • Perfect for events with guests of 25-75 people
  • Works well in a lobby with a schedule of events or slideshow

80″ Screen

  • Ideal for large events – placing a few around the room work great as delay screens
  • Great for events of 75+ attendees
  • Nice for lobbies with slideshows
  • Put it in portrait mode and simulate handheld device content

We put together this nifty video to help you figure out what size television you need in your event space. You can use this as a comparison guide when you’re on your site visits. Six Foot Fran is, you guessed it, 6’ tall. You can see how the different sizes of televisions compare with Fran to gain some perspective on how they will work within your space.

If you’re looking for an audio visual company to help you with your next event, consider working with Bespoke Audio Visual! We love helping our clients bring their vision to life. Contact us to learn more.