Tips for Planning a Successful Summer Event

Summer has arrived and it’s not too late to start planning your summer event. Here are our tips for making your event successful.

Have a Plan for Rain or Shine

If you are planning an outdoor event, of course, there is the possibility of inclement weather. Keep an eye on Mother Nature leading up to your event and have a plan b in case you need to move inside or rent tents.

Keep the Layout in Mind

When planning the layout of your venue, consider the placement of screens and speakers. You want to ensure that both are suitable for the size of the space. Your screens should be facing away from the sun so that the content is visible. Your speakers should be adequate so everyone can hear the music and keynote speakers.

Create an Event Hashtag

We recommend creating a hashtag for your event that is memorable and visible. Leading up to your event, you can promote the hashtag on your website, social media channels and emails. Hashtags are a useful tool for promoting your event and a way to view photos from attendees.

Document Your Event

Don’t let documenting your event be an afterthought. Hiring event photographers and videographers will provide you with content to use for future social media posts and promotions. Consider dedicating someone to post on your social media channels throughout the day – tag your event speakers, partners and sponsors to show them your appreciation for their support. These are all things that can be planned ahead of time. Provide your photographers and videographers with a shot list to set expectations. For social media, plan your posts ahead of time and take photos on the day to accompany your posts.

Work With an Experienced AV Partner

We recommend working with an experienced audio visual partner who will be able to bring your event to life. At Bespoke Audio Visual, we have years of experience in live events, both indoors and out. We can help you to conceptualize your events and provide digital mock-ups so you know what to expect on the event day. We pride ourselves on creating unique and memorable events. Contact us to learn how we can help you with your summer event.

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